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District 9 – What’s this got to do with counseling?

August 18, 2009

Maybe nothing…but, if you think you’ve got problems consider how much worse things might be if you looked like a crustacean (derogatorily called prawns by some of the less tolerant homo sapiens in the movie), had the ability to fight oppression but lacked a leader to activate those skills and abilities, didn’t understand some key parts of the culture where you were to live and coexist and were reviled by nearly everyone and barely tolerated.  Any of this sounding familiar? So some of us have been called names and we’ve survived.  Some of us may not be what is generally accepted a s attractive but there are others we can hook up with – and…not everybody is as obsessive about looks as we might think.   But, if you truly have the internal resources to make your life better but the potential lies dormant  -like the aliens in District 9 living in horrible demeaning conditions but unable to act without a leader – well, you’re really not doing well.

So, number 1 connection  between District 9 and  counseling : Consider the resources you have and use them.  If you’re not sure what they are or how to use them consider talking to a counselor.  Counselors are in some respects a lot like a good coach.

Connection number 2: Any takers?

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