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Are you SAD?

August 24, 2009


Do fall and winter get you down?

  • Depressed and don’t know why?
  • Crave junk food and carbs?
  • Don’t care about doing much?
  • Just want to channel surf or hibernate?
  • Gained weight?
  • Tired?

You may have SAD  –   Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Visit a counselor to identify if you have SAD
  • SAD is treated by exposure to light
  • Lightbox sessions are FREE for BCC students
  • for SAD is easy and free for BCC students!
  • If you have SAD  15-20 minutes a day could improve your mood

Call 778-5210 to make an appointment to see if lightbox sessions could help you.

Or email me at or to make an apppointment.

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