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A compos mentis podcast.Huh?

August 25, 2009

Compos Mentis

Well… it is the opposite of Non Compos Mentis which means not mentally competent.

from Wikipedia:

“Although used in law, this term can be used metaphorically or figuratively. This entails when one is a confused state or state lacking rational thinking. If one is spaced out, one could claim that he or she is non compos mentis.”

Compos mentis, then. is feeling ok mentally – like we can handle things and bend with the wind so we don’t break.  Compos Mentis is brought to you by the Counseling Services at Broome Community College located in Binghamton New York.  It is our hope to bring you podcasts on a variety of topics that stressed out college students and faculty and staff will find useful and interesting.  In future podcasts we will also offer interviews with interesting people who will share their stories and their paths to  compos mentis.  This first podcast is a little old – before the presidential election –  but  there might be some useful information for you.

If you are a registered student at Broome Community College we invite you to come see us.  We are located in the Student Services Building on the second floor in suite SS210 and you can find other useful services all together – Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Counseling, Job Placement Services and Personal Counseling.

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