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Holiday season is gearing up but you don’t have to. Holiday stress busters.

November 19, 2009


Holiday Stress is predictable. With overspending, lack of time, overcrowded shops and malls; trying to have fun can actually cause stress. Easing up on yourself is important because the connection between stress and illness is real.

Reduce the wear and tear that holiday stress can inflict.  When your Holiday to do list stretches longer than Santa Claus’s beard, eliminate whatever is unnecessary.


  • Make connections– good relationships with friends and family are important. Accept help and support.

  • Take Care of Yourself– pay attention to your own needs and feelings.

  • Plan Ahead: make specific times for shopping, visiting. and baking

  • Learn to say NO

  • Get enough sleep

  • Laugh More, no kidding. Laughter is our natural antidote to stress

  • Exercise

  • Prioritize, schedule breaks

  • Watch expectations

  • Learn to Relax

  • Get Support, Ask for help.  The staff at the counseling center are available to listen, whether you have an on-going problem or are fed up with holiday stress.

Broome Community College Counseling Services

Located  in Student Services SS210          607-778-5210

Used with permission by creator Marcia Winters of Fisher College

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