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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…

February 19, 2010

Recently I gave a presentation on Wellness to a COL 105 class and no one there was surprised at the alarming statistics about college students and the problems, related to wellness, they are having (see the most recent survey results from the American College Health Association 2008 survey). What was surprising to me was how many students feel stigmatized by asking for help and how many are concerned that their privacy will not be protected if they seek counseling. Well, be advised that:

For some sobering information about college students read on.

American College Health Association national College Health Assessment 2008 survey


The top five impediments to academic performance:
(1) stress
(2) cold/flu/sore throat
(3) sleep difficulties
(4) concern for friend or family
(5) depression/anxiety disorders

The top four remain unchanged in ACHA-NCHA survey results since 2000.

The rate of students reporting ever being diagnosed with depression has increased 56% in the last six years, from 10% in spring 2000 to 16% in spring 2005.

13% of students reported experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship in the last school year.

*SOURCE: Spring 2005 ACHA-NCHA Reference Group. Data set of 54,111 students and 71 schools.

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