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Procrastination-Nation, Abomination, Frustration, Nonregulation: REEDUCATION

August 31, 2010

People procrastinate for a lot of different reasons – they don’t want to do the things they are avoiding because it’s boring, too hard or sometimes because they need for things to be perfect, are afraid they won’t be and so just keep putting it off.  It’s a hard habit to break but it can be done – here are a series of handouts on procrastination for you all to read (when you get around to it).

Procrastination Flyer_What Is Procrastination

Procrastination Flyer_Action Plan

Procrastination Flyer_Dismissing Excuses

Procrastination Flyer_Practical Strategies

Procrastination Flyer_Tolerating Discomfort

Procrastination Flyer_Unhelpful Rules

Procrastination Flyer_Vicious Cycle

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  1. zatmaniaa permalink
    March 3, 2011 6:08 pm

    nice work

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