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Monkey Traps (1), Mind Traps (2) and Letting Go (3)

November 17, 2010

The mind likes to hang on to things that are sometimes best left behind.  Finding out how to quiet the mind that wants to hang on is as simple and as difficult as just loosening our mind’s grip and letting go.



Monkey Trap:

A trap to capture various monkeys used around the world which consists of a staked container with a hole cut into it just wide enough for a monkey to stick it’s empty hand into. The container is baited with something attractive to the monkey. Monkey reaches for bait and then will not release the bait and cannot pull it’s hand out of the trap with bait in hand. It is then captured. (from urban dictionary definition

2. &3.

A Poem by  Anna Merewood for your consideration

Dropping the Bananna

Dropping the Banana
All I have to do
is let it go.
Like a falcon releasing a rabbit.
Like an athlete
relinquishing a golden dream.
Like a hungry child
tossing a ripe mango
into the sun.



All I have to do
I dread.
What happens
if I can’t let go?
What happens
if I can?
Surely it is safer
not to experiment
for – see here – I am not alone!
At the office, by the pool
I recognize you, fellow monkeys,
clinging to the thresholds
of normality.
Rattling imprisoned limbs
you dare me to desert.



All I have to do
I do.
Finger by finger
I loosen my grip.
There was no banana.
Only a fist
contorted with fear
choking the innocent air.

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