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HAVE A WONDERFUL FIRST DAY! Approach with curiosity and not anxiety.

August 31, 2015

The first day of college – old hat for some of you but for the vast majority of those here today there will be some anxiety – will you  like your professors, will they like you, will you meet people or be sitting somewhere alone pretending to text on your phone while others walk around seemingly with it all together.

All of us are a bit anxious – professors who wonder if their 8 o’clock class will be awake, if the opening comments they prepared will go down well, if the students are glad to be there or they are there because their parents said it’s either go to college or get a job or get out. Students who may be unsure about their abilities to succeed in college or students who are on their way to somewhere else and wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into (or more likely their parents who want to save money and recognize great value).

Be curious today. Breathe and take time to look around and notice where you are.  Yes college costs money and it is true that in some countries it is free but in many more countries people don’t have the luxury to even go to school – elementary school or higher.  Embrace this opportunity and know that you are in the same situation as many others on campus these first few weeks. Take a risk, smile, say hello and ask for help.

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