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Personal counselors at Broome Community College want you (if you’re a BCC student)!  We are disheartened by the  AP-MTV-U  poll done this year that indicates 85% of college students reported feeling stressed, while 42% of you said you were depressed to the point of hopelessness and 13% of you would probably meet the criteria for someone who is “clinically depressed”.   Only 56% were “very sure” where they would turn if they had a serious problem and only 14% of students polled were “very familiar” with their college’s counseling services.   Only  1 in 4 students polled would go to any counseling on or off campus –  most would rather talk to a friend or family member.   We want you to talk to your friends but we also want you to talk to us! We don’t bite and we might be able to help because of our vantage point outside of your life.   This site is part of our reaching out, normalizing that feeling bad sometimes – really bad – is  part of our lives at times and that people stigmatize themselves around getting help form a mental health provider.  Answer this:  If your best friend were really depressed would you consider suggesting talking to someone?  Well, if you are  at some point feeling really depressed you can take your own advice and come talk to one of us at SS210.

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  1. June 15, 2015 9:23 am

    I am a student at Broome Community College, studying to become a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I regularly utilize Student Services (SS 210). For myself it is a way to get an outside perspective. I have daily struggles like everyone else and their is nothing major pending in my life. (at this moment) There is a stigma attached this going to seek help through counseling or therapy. Seeking help/ guidance doesn’t mean something is “wrong with you” or your “messed up”. Seeking support makes you a wise person! There is nothing more important then self care. In order to move forward in life you have to continue to take of yourself. Maybe your having struggles with test taking and your anxiety is very high? …. Student Services can help you find ways to decrease that anxiety, which in the end can only make you more successful and healthier. Seeking support can feel scary and maybe even uncomfortable at first… I guarantee that after you take that first step, you will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

    ** A huge thank you to all those in Student Services 210. I am relieved to know I have an amazing group of people I can turn to through this amazing journey. Thank You Again!

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